Periscope and Meerkat have brought live streaming to the masses. Mukbang stars in Korea and karaoke stars in China are already making a living via financial transactions over live streaming services (such as Afreeca), but Periscope and Meerkat don't have this feature.. yet.

Since Meerkat's commenting system relies on Twitter (you basically @ the broadcaster in a tweet when you chat in the Meerkat broadcast), I thought it would be neat to build a way to pay someone with just a tweet. Basically, both the recipient and sender _must_ be authenticated with a payment solution (I went with Venmo due to its ubiquity in the consumer payments space) and provide their twitter handles. Then, any tweet containing `#chipper`, `$X` ('X' being a number), and `@` someone, will take money from the sender's Venmo account and put it into that of the recipient.

In the future, instead of just accepting Venmo, #Chipper would also allow people to sign up with a credit card (via Stripe connect).