Slack is awesome. So is GitHub. Also, GitHub's integration with Slack is neat, but only sends events on a given repo or organization. How cool would it be if we could send updates based on other users (when someone watches a new repo, forks or creates a repo, deploys something, etc.) into Slack?

The use case that inspired this is my side project of side project hackers, 20% Club. I wanted a passive and ambient way to send all of the coding activity into a Slack channel so we can see what new repos others are watching, forking, and creating. At first I was thinking of building an app and having each user auth with their GitHub account, but then realized the easier way would be just to create a new dummy user who just "follows" everyone's GitHub accounts. Then the dummy user's news feed would be exactly what would be posted into Slack.

Taking this:

..and posting it into Slack:

Check the source code below to fork or deploy your own version!