A friend recently got in touch with me with a pain that he knew technology could solve. We use Google calendars to schedule meetings, but how great would it be for something to automatically conference us in on our cell phones when the meeting starts?

Many people live in their calendar. Pepper Botts allows you to live on the phone and not in apps and clicks.

If you've ever been frustrated by the idea that scheduled phone calls require reminders before the event, phone number links (when on mobile), and clicks or dials at the time of the phone call, then you will love Pepper Botts.

To make scheduled phone calls as frictionless as possible, we created Pepper Botts to monitor your Google Calendar for scheduled phone calls, call you at the proper time, and then patch you in with the other caller.

With Pepper Botts, your scheduled phone calls become automatic and frictionless - as all scheduled events should be.

Like the amazing assistant pictured above, Pepper Botts will make your life easier.

How it works

To make Pepper Botts work, you must be using Google Calendar and create a standard calendar event at least two phone numbers (you and the other party/parties).

At the time of the event, Pepper Botts will make outbound calls to the numbers in the event with Twilio and conference everyone into the same room.


So the next time you find yourself scheduling a phone call in your google calendar with a title like “Call Jenny @ 212-555-1212” or “[Phone Call] Sean to call Aaron — 212-555-1212”, Pepper Botts can help by monitoring your calendar for phone numbers you specify and then conference them together at the specified time.

Pepper Botts brings the Phone Call back - back to your calendar and back on track as the best form of communication when used properly.

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Credits to Josh Bowen for inspiration and contribution to this post.