It is easy to get confused with the jargon that is emerging from the rapidly growing startup scene. This post attempts to clarify some terms.

Uber for X

“User friendly”: The only way you’ll reach another human being is via email at “family@”.

“Launch page”: 3am informercial meets web 2.0.

“Flat design”: You’ll spend 50% more time clicking on empty boxes that actually aren’t buttons.

“Stealth mode”: This next photosharing app requires fifth level federal security clearance.

“Pivot”: The company is now selling it’s PP&E to stay solvent.

“API”: Unbeknownst to you, you’ll become a user by the end of the year.

“Scalable”: They must have a lot of engineers.

“Dead simple”: One mouse click may be avoided with thoughtful pre-planning and setup.

“Product”: Like, an app, or something.

“Integrations”: Expect to pay 25% more than what you originally had planned.

“MVP”: Sacrifice usability and utility for having a lot of conversations with the founder.

“-as-a-service”: You won’t recognize this line item in your expenses a year from now.